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・Anyone younger than 18.

・Anyone associated with any criminal organization or in any similar status.

・Anyone who cannot behave within the norms of decent public order.

・Anyone using a pacemaker.

・Anyone diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes.

・Anyone taking or applying any antibiotic drug or painkiller.

・Anyone with any sunburn less than two weeks old.

・Any pregnant person.


・Do not drink any alcohol on the day before the treatment.

・Sleep tight the night before the treatment and eat so that you are not

 hungry when you come on the day of the treatment.

・Be dressed in clothes that you can allow to get dirty on the day of the treatment.

・Feel free to consult the tattooist if you have any chronic disease,

 or if you feel unwell on the day of the treatment.


・All needles, inks and ink cups in our studio are disposable and are used for just one customer.

・The tuber is cleaned, sterilized and disinfected after it is used for any customer.

・The chair, bed, arm stand and special platform that can be tainted by blood are covered

 with a barrier film, and are sterilized with ethanol after they are used.

Telephon & E-maile Hours & Off location